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VOC Management Plan Adherence


IMO has adopted a VOC Management Plan Guide. Adhering effectively means cutting the VOC loss during loading and transit as much as possible. The loading scenario cannot be helped by the valve as such, rather this is a procedural issue and re-entering equipment such as promoted by GBA Marine of Norway.

However, during transit, where most of the VOC is lost, we can help by maintaining tank pressure in a fine balance between the two set-points of our hybrid valve. The following is a comparison chart with a standard HS-ISO2-L valve. The difference? The hybrid valve never emits anymore during voyage than is actually needed to protect the integrity of the tank. In other words: you cannot do better. Complying with the VOC Management Plan requirements is hereby solved.

The VOC Management Plan based on the HS-ISO valve would show a repeated VOC loss from 2,000 mm WG to 1,000 mm WG when the valve opens, for instance due to sloshing or thermal relief. The same figure using the SCANVENT valve: zero


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