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Spare parts service by Scanvent Spares & Services ApS


SCANVENT Spares & Services ApS can supply almost any spare part regardless of valve make and supervise in-situ overhauls and calibrations. Our staff has years of experience in repair and overhauls unsurpassed by any other maker.

These days the focus seems to be on type HS-ISO. We have therefore initiated our spare part business for this type in all sizes and can deliver nearly all parts from stock. Even the casted components are soon available from us, though they are rarely needed as spares. We have already saved owners considerable sums of money by doing service visits to replace seats and discs rather than the owner buying new cast houses with glued-in seats.

Trade secrets, patents, etc:

Manufacturing spare parts for a type approved device to prevent the passage of flame according to original specifications is a given. It follows from ISO 15364 § 7.3 that the test report shall follow the product and contain “verified detail drawings of the device and its components”. It further follows from § 11.2.4 that “The design shall not allow for the valve to be incorrectly reassembled following inspection, cleaning or repair, be it due to wrong order of parts or missing parts. Information on sizes for all components shall be included on the drawings to ensure that the specified gas-tightness is achieved and for the valve to be restored to the original, as-purchased condition”.

Where this information has not been available from owners, we have conducted on-board inspections to inspect HS-ISO valves in order to document the specifics of valve components.

The owner of a patent protected valve is free to make his own spares or order these from a third party. Once the device is bought with respect of patents, the owner is free to use the device, sell it, destroy it, whatever.

How to order from us:

In the vast majority of cases we have the necessary data either from owners or from our on-board inspections. Where we may need further information, we shall be pleased to assist the crew in obtaining this in a pain-free and quick manner. All spare part requests for non-Scanvent valves will be handled by Scanvent Spares & Services ApS.

Onboard service
Service of valves during docking.
Valves in workshop for complete overhaul.

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