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Vocon in-line valves: VOCON procedure


Hydraulic ● electrical ● magnet operated

SCANVENT’s valves are the only equipment needed to have an optimized VOC Management Plan on hand.

By-pass pressure valve type BP—VOCON

In-line automatic weight-loaded pressure valve for mast riser systems.

In-line valve type TG—VOCON

In-line valve type TG in hydraulic, electrical or magnet operated versions.

Is a VOCON mast riser system needed?

We would of course appreciate to sell more equipment as possible. However, a VOCON mast riser system serves to reduce the effect of standard p/v valves yielding 50% or more blow-down (difference between opening and re-setting pressure). This is not a relevant concern when SCANVENT valves are installed; these have no blow-down when thermal venting takes place. Put differently, a VOCON mast riser system will reduce the operative pressure, thus, increase the VOC loss compared to leaving the SCANVENT high velocity valves with the dual nozzle system to take care of thermal venting during voyage. Therefore, a VOCON mast riser system would seem overkill when in combination with SCANVENT dual nozzle valves, but quite necessary if standard p/v valves are used.


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