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General information

Scanvent started in April 2009 and focus entirely on two areas:

developing the best tank venting equipment available
providing operational service for tank venting equipment

Within the small niche of tank venting equipment and magnet driven cargo pumps, Scanvent is probably the most experienced in the world. Our rapid achievement from a blank sheet of paper towards certification to the latest EU/MED requirements as the first company is testimony that quality rather than quantity matters.

Despite our young age, we are experienced. Our initial skeleton staff consists of:

Hans-Henrik Raagaard

Hans-Henrik worked 38 years as head of technical department with Pres-Vac Engineering ApS and has dedicated his entire professional life to manufacturing and type testing of tank venting equipment and - during the past ten years - he has also been in charge of manufacturing a range of magnet driven deep-well cargo pumps.

Lars Matzen

For the last 5 years, Lars has worked closely together with Hans-Henrik and been involved with both tank venting equipment and cargo pumps. Lars has specialized in the test aspect of things along with flow dynamics.

Lars Øster

Lars is the Managing Director of Scanvent. Lars has worked with the practical side of developing magnet driven cargo pumps from day one with a background as Chief on chemical carriers. Lars has been Service Manager with Pres-Vac Engineering ApS for 8 years.

Flemming Hansen

Flemming worked 13 years as after sales manager with Pres-Vac Engineering ApS. Flemming will be working with new building project sales and after sales service.

Eric Sørensen

Eric is our UK based consultant. Eric was the managing director of Pres-Vac Engineering ApS for 15 years, but spent the vast majority of his time as head of sales and working with the regulatory area within CEN, ISO and as a consultant in IMO affairs. Eric is the current Chairman of the ISO group in charge of the marine p/v valve standard scheduled for revision.


phone: +45 7027 4102   ●   e-mail: info@scanvent.com   ●   CVR/VAT: DK 32061788