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Pump and valve services


Staff at Scanvent is highly experienced to carry out service for all kinds of p/v valves and flame arresters as well as magnet-driven deep-well cargo pumps; the latter including motors, FC-systems and PLC programming.

Being a new company at the brink of releasing our new valve design in accordance with ISO 15364 (2007) for the April 6, 2010 requirements, we now have capacity available and have started assuming service tasks in general and invite your kind inquiry.

Overhaul of type EL magnet-driven deep-well cargo pump

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Case story

A Scandinavian owner wanted to increase the set-pressure of high velocity p/v valves from 1,400 mm WG to 2,000 mm WG. We solved the issue by providing new deadweights identical to the ones used by the original manufacturer. In fact, we had these on stock from an earlier performed overhaul job.

The owner calibrated the valves by means of a simple U-tube filled with water in order to demonstrate that the valves opened when the water column was 2 meters high. - Vintage technology but dead accurate.

The offer for new parts and services exceeded 10,000 DKK per valve. We managed the job at 10% of this amount with parts and instructions in the mail the same day.

This is the kind of experience that will put Scanvent first on this owner’s next makers list.

Overhaul of high velocity vents type HS-ISO for upgrade of pressure setting, new seats and discs, and re-calibration/testing

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